Objectively Measuring Code Quality

objectively measuring code quality

“All of the software engineering candidates seem equally qualified. Which one should we hire?” For technical recruiters like you, it’s very frustrating to hear these words from your engineering department. After all, you’ve worked hard to fill the funnel with highly qualified candidates, host interviews, coordinate technical assessments, and schedule on-site visits. Surely there’s enough data to make an informed decision — right? If indecision and gut reaction is plaguing your hiring process, perhaps it’s time to revisit your company’s

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The Bottlenecks that Bog Down Your Recruiting Process

Tired of feeling bogged down by recruiting bottlenecks? Maybe it’s time you stopped working in your pipeline and started working on it. Start by objectively evaluating your workflow and then seek solutions that will yield greater efficiency. It’s easy to feel overworked and underappreciated as a technical recruiter. You put in long hours sifting through countless profiles on job boards, only to be consistently disappointed by the handful of developers who actually apply. To make matters worse, your engineering team

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